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Where do I wait for my pickupride airport transfer at terminal?

We know traveling can be a whirlwind process and getting off the plane, going through security, and waiting and waiting for the love of God for the baggage carousel to turn on, can be grueling, confusing, and test your patience. No worries, pickupride Airport Service  is here for you!

How will my driver know my plane has landed?

Pickupride airport service at terminal makes your pick-up hassle-free. Rest assured that we track your flight and know when you have landed. Our drivers are waiting patiently for you just outside the terminal  (transportation vehicles cannot enter the terminal until you are outside waiting to help expedite pick-up times and lessen traffic) or en route as we have expertly calculated your arrival.

Our friendly experienced drivers will then text you to let you know they know your plane has landed. They will also send you instructions in that text as to what to do once you have retrieved your luggage.  Here is a typical text example. “Hello, I am your driver, and see that your plane has landed.”

Once you have retrieved your luggage and are waiting outside, curbside, please text me with by which pillar you are waiting by (for example B8). I will be arriving in a Ford Transit van and will text you as I arrive. See you soon”.

Our driver will park safely along the designated area you are waiting, greet you and swiftly help you with your bags into the vehicle. We vaunt ourselves on great communication and want to make this leg of your journey easy and carefree. At PickUpRide we pride ourselves on picking you upright.

Frequently Asked Questions About PickUpRide Airport Service

Q: Can I change my reservation?

A: Yes, you can change your reservation, but please note that changes to your drop off or pick up location may result in additional fees due to increases in mileage.

Q: Can I delay my pick up time?

A: PickUpRide reservations for transportation to airport are only valid for the time and date specified when you book; reservations for transportation from airport are only valid for the date specified. Should you need to delay your pick up time for any reason, we request that you notify us at least three hours before your reservation time. We may not be able to accommodate such changes if they are requested without sufficient notice or at peak travel times.

Q: What happens if my flight gets delayed or cancelled?

A: We understand that sometimes a reservation may need to be changed for reasons outside of your control. Reservations affected by airline delays or cancellations may qualify for a refund if another reservation is made and you supply proof of receipt. Failure to contact PickUpRide with delay or flight cancellation information is considered reservation abandonment, and may result in forfeiture of fare

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