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PickUpRide Airport Service no. 1 PickUp Service

PickUpRide Airport Service operates a fleet vehicles up to 9 passengers. For your peace of mind Pickup, our drivers stand by your arrival. When you are upon your land at the airport, send us text YOU ARE LANDED. Call (833) 966-2333 or send text + 1 (323) 900-5061. After you’ve collected your luggage, head out to the Lower/Arrival Level islands in front of each terminal on the middle island curbside under the white sign marked “Passenger Pickup.”

After that tell us which pillars you are standing by, and tell us “Ready to go with pillar number”. Drivers will meet you at pillars you are standing by.

Call (833) 966-2333 or send text + 1 (323) 900-5061. For international use WhatsApp (626) 747-2482.

Our drivers are on standby waiting for your call or text until they come inside terminals. Do not worry, our drivers are within one mile of waiting for you.


PickUpRide Airport Service is the leading Private Van Service in Southern California.

Our Mission is to provide service that is Punctual, Professional, and Reliable.

To do this, we make sure to strive to exceed client expectations in customer service.

We will do everything we can to accommodate our clients’ transportation needs.

We offer various services, including

Wherever you want to go, PICKUPRIDE Shuttle LAX Airport will take you at an affordable rate.

We only service ONE PARTY at a time to ensure your safety.

Everyone should feel safe when traveling by PickupRide.

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