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Famous Romantic Destinations in LA

“February is short and very sweet.”
— Charmaine J Forde

Indeed it is. When the cool wind blows on your hair, and the smell of roses fill the air.. I can almost see.. a dinner for you and me.. The Valentine’s vibes is finally here!

Famous Romantic Destinations in LA

LA is home to some of the most iconic places- Disneyland, Universal Studios, Ritz Carlton Hotel to name a few, but it has more to offer-
whether it’s a calm walk on the beach or garden, a picnic in the park, music, and madness, or a quaint retro movie, Los Angeles got it all for you!

Visit these Famous Romantic Destinations in LA on Valentine’s Day and fall in love all over again.

Griffith Observatory
Make the most of a starry night sky with a telescope 1,134 feet above sea level and see the amazing lights above and below you. Now, this is one starry night memory for years to come.

Beverly Hot Springs
What better way to rejuvenate after a long trip than in a natural hot springs spa? The spa offers services from Balneotherapy treatments, massages, and water-based remedies. Elements like rocks, flowers, and waterfalls give an ethereal serenity that is surreal in this modern world.

Sunset Ranch Hollywood
Remember those scenes in romantic movies where lovers ride horses together? Recreate those vibes with its panoramic view and horseback riding for all level riders. Their “Best View and BBQ” tour is the best.

Electric Dusk Drive-In
Now we’re talking retro! Get cozy inside the comfort of your car and snack on popcorn as you watch a movie under the stars. The silver screen along with city lights make cuddling even more romantic.

Gondola Amore
Experience a very romantic ride on a gondola with some fine wine as you bask in the purple and pink shades of the sunset.. or kiss under the lover’s moon at Redondo Beach. Experience the Venice vibes in LA. Indeed, La Bella Vita!

Santa Monica Pier
A picturesque scene lined with high-end restaurants, shops, and boutiques, you will never get bored here. Add in the carnival at Pacific Park and re-create young love once again.

Cicada Club
Experience nightlife in LA like no other at Cicada Club! Perfect for couples as you take a trip down memory lane with its 1920’s decor and fun atmosphere! Eat and move to the groove of swing dancing!

Rooftop Cinema Club
Wireless headphones, cozy decks, blankets, rooftop ambiance, and blockbuster movies. These are every movie buff couple’s dream. Experience this with a variety of food trucks to make for a lovely date!

Hollywood Bowl Museum
Any romantic trip in LA will not be complete without visiting this wonderful spot. Built in the 1920s, this amphitheater hosts some of the best music performances in the world, performances, and shows. A beautiful experience to add whether on a honeymoon or a date with your special other.

As the old line goes “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved” and while love comes in many different forms, romantic love is one we humans enjoy the most.

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Famous Romantic Destinations in LA

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